Saturday, 9 March 2013

Overdue last day of LFW.

London Fashion Week isn't for the faint hearted. Honestly, I’ve never been surrounded by so many stylish and stunning people in my entire 18 years on this earth. This post is well overdue, I know, but there were several issues with uploading the pictures (technology is an enemy of progress sometimes). I met some lovely people at Fashion Week , my favourite bloggers in fact. If any of you have instagram you’ll see some of the faces I spotted and plucked up the courage to say 'hi' to. From Shope and Shore from London’s Closet , to Maria from Pigeonfightsandcigarettes. 

After leaving we instantly felt inspired to blog more frequently (Dakota has already told us off about that) *slaps wrists* .  Furthermore , I felt the urge to spend my entire pay check on MORE clothes. Oops . I did feel a tad … underdressed when I walked into Somerset House and very self-conscious of my natural hair. I’m just a weave/extensions kind of girl. Despite being asked for picture’s of my outfit (Me? Really? Erm okay) I was repulsed by how I looked in most of them. So I won’t be adding any picture’s of my outfit but I have to say Esther was looking rather stunning … as usual. There's so many more picture's ... let's not start with the faults in technology ...

I aplogise for all the out of focus shots.  I didn't realise the camera was on manual . Oh dear . 
Iman x


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