Saturday, 2 March 2013

Bringing Printed Trousers.

Sometimes life throws you lemons and instead of making lemonade , I got up. Called a friend and said 'I need to get away'. After not much convincing , my darling friend Anna said I could stay with her for the weekend at her University. It's been so much fun. Today we went into town , shopped , gossiped. It's been SO therapeutic. 

As you can see , I've dragged my printed trousers along with me. I honestly didn't know how to style them but I've managed to. I did get a lot of looks and the odd 'your trousers are nice' which of course , I loved. I hope everyone , enjoys their weekend. I'm here attempting to stay warm and avoid getting into trouble. It just feels so good to take my mind away from the shenanigans in London (A levels mostly).

Iman x


  1. So gorgeous, LOVE your printed trousers and how you've styled them x

  2. this outfit is everything and a bag of chips.

  3. Love printed trousers they are such a cool way to do an outfit. x

  4. I love your pants and face so cute :*****

  5. I saw those in River Island, regret not getting them now they look great on you!

    Mona xx