Saturday, 22 June 2013

Polka Dots

Hello readers. The on and off good weather , has led me to sticking to trousers for the rest of summer. I have no idea why the weather is so terrible. It's mid June. If you don't live in the UK count yourselves very lucky.
Yet again I'm wearing my black trousers , these babies are literally what I run to when I'm going out and I don't know what to pair a certain shirt with. They're super comfortable , however they're a bit thin so I doubt these will remain in my wardrobe when 'Summer' ends. I'm currently very busy , hence the lack of posting. Interning by day and a check out assistant at night. I'm so motivated this summer . To just get things done. I haven't had a good night out since ... forever. I miss my friends but summer is still young and so are we.

Shirt: Primark Trousers: Can't remember but highly likely H&M Clutch: Made in Ghana 
Rings: H&M and ebay Boots: Missguided Nail Varnish: Barry M 

Iman x


  1. Lovely outfit omg I totally feel your pain about this bipolar weather its like get a life the sun over here needs to seriously sort itself out aha it seems as though its literally all we brits talk out the bloody weather ahah Lovely outfit I really like how you put it together that top is just super cute and lovely print on your clutch, and omg where are you interning I'm also gonna be getting an internship this summer at a FashionMag in my city Birmz and am totally exited its not vogue but sooon ahah xo