Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Winter Wishlist

Hi guys , how are you? I'm been okay lately. I work now in Sainsbury's (not my ideal job but as long as I can feed my shopping addiction and save for University , I'm happy) . I work evening shifts , so my life is literally , work , college , lack of sleep and then it continues. However I am managing to stay on top of my work (so far) . Any tips on keeping up with school work , yet managing to work?! I just need a break , Christmas , hurry up please. I've been spending quiet a lot lately , so when my packages come; my long overdue haul will be posted. This is my wishlist , I rarely ask for Christmas presents , only money but I tend to end up getting rubbish presents such as tights ( Yeah , my brother loves me) or bath kits.

It's now winter and loads of you are probably wondering why on earth I would want a bodycon midi skirt or a pleated leather skirt but I've wanted these all yearrrrr and I think they would look perfect with some warm knitted jumpers. MAC foundation and brushes? Sleek made me break out in spots soooo badly whilst Maybelline is too oily for me. I think it's time I brought some MAC foundation.

I NEED a clothes rack , as Esther could tell you my clothes are spilling out of my wardrobe , clothes eager to be worn or sold on Ebay. I saw a couple on IKEA that caught my eye so when I get paid (28th Decemeber , come to me) I will be investing.

I've also sent off , FINALLY my university applications. I've got an offer from DMU , but I really want to get into UCA (University of Creative Arts to study Journalism or Fashion Journalism) . I'm eagerly awaiting and clutching my iphone everyday for an email confirming an offer or interview. Anyone else applying?

I hope everyone has a lovely week , I'm not yet in the Christmas spirit. Maybe it's because my tree isn't up ?

Iman x

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