Saturday, 24 November 2012


Head scarf: Camden market  Rings: Topshop/H&M   Skirt: Charity Shop (originally from Topshop)   
Shirt: Vintage shop  Leather jacket: River Island (studded myself)  Studs: Studs'and'Punks  Shoes: Jeffery Campbells  Bag: jimmy choo

Hey bloggers, sorry for Iman and l absences, we've been really busy with college and other things, but we're back now, and are gonna be posting a lot more for this remaining month, especially during December.
I went out last weekend and thought l'd do an ootn (out of the night) l tried to keep it very feminine  mature and because l was going out during the night wanted to wear dark colours, but l wore a silver sparkly shirt which l got from a vintage shop, which adds some colour to my outfit, and l wore no tights even though it was quite chilly that night, but it made my outfit look less like l was going to a funeral. 
I'm gonna try do more OTTD/N cause l don't do it much, and think it would be good to do something different on our blog, sometimes its nice to try new things. Hope you guys are having a great weekend so far, thanks for all your support from checking out our blog, to following and writing such lovely comments whenever we post. Mwah

Esther xxx