Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Iman's Wishlist

Iman's Wishlist

Leather jacket: Topshop 
Jeans: H&M  
iPhone: Carphone Warhouse 

In my opinion a leather jacket is a staple piece, every girl needs one in her wardrobe therefore I need one for those days where I can't be bothered to put an effort in my appearance. I've been longing for a pair of new jeans , recently I've realised how I don't own a pair of jeans I'm in love with. The iPhone , if any of you saw the state of my blackberry I'm pretty sure 9/10 of you would want to donate me a new phone . The state of my blackberry is beyond repair therefore I NEED this iPhone.

Blazer: Topshop 
Red Creepers: Ebay 
Burgundy Vans: Office

I was window shopping with my friend when I spotted this beautiful blazer, I'm in love with it and I'm sure it will love me back once it's in my wardrobe. 

Skirt: River Island 
Sunglasses: H&M

I'm not a fan of Lady Gaga but I love these 'mickey mouse' sunglasses by Jeremy Scott they're so cool (I sound like a 13 year old haha).

This item/wish isn't on my wishlist BUT I need a job. I've been looking , handing out CV's and looking everywhere for a job. My wishlist will remain a wish unless I get a job this summer. This is the first summer I won't be going on holiday, I might as well make something productive out of it. 

Esther's Wishlist

Hey guys sorry l haven't been posting much, and to be honest l haven't got an excuse. I've been really lazy and plus l've finished college :D So yeah l'm going to try post as much as l can, because l really love fashion and l just want you guys to appreciate and know how in love, Iman and l are with this blog and fashion in general.  Anyways its the summer holidays and and this is the season to start looking nice, theirs so much stuff that l really need to have, and hopefully l get them seing as l'm looking to get a job and to do some work experience, so fingers crossed that goes well, and when Iman and l do get these items from our separate wishlist' we'll  do a post of how we would style our individual items.

Jeans: Motel Rocks   
Jewlleries: Topshop  
Collar gold tips: Ebay  
Bowler hat: Ebay, Topshop, Rokit  
High top blazers: Office  
Jeffery Campbell night walkers: Ebay, Topshop, Office   
Blue creepers: Office   
Disco pants: American Apparel, Ebay  
Doc martens: Schuh, Office  
Stripped jeans: Motel Rocks, Ebay, Ax Paris

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  1. I actually want everything from both wishlists! Especially the nightwalkers xx