Monday, 18 June 2012

Festival Lookbook

Festival Look-book

Hi guys, it's Iman here - as many of you know festival season is just around the corner. I'll be attending Hackney Weekend this Saturday and if any of you are like me, you'll be panicking about what to wear. 

Shorts? But what if it rains? Long skirt? What if someone treads on my skirt and then and then... 

The amazing Esther put together a set of outfits to help you and ME to decide on what to wear for festivals. These are just ideas of what you could wear , you don't have to wear them but if you decide to wear something similar take a picture and link it to us. Also a massive thank you for the overwhelming support we've received , we've just started this whole vlog/blog thing and we feel really welcomed into the massive blogging community. Click on the link to view the whole look


  1. I really like the first outfit. The shorts are really cute!

  2. Iman, I really appreciate the way you dress now; seems so elegant and absolutely precise with the type of patterns you bring to the table. The third photograph is highly commendable for me to see; and I just love the style.

  3. so glad that you guys commented on my blog as yours is fantastic! :) love it x

    rebecca x

    1. OMG thanks so much, we really appreciate it. Your style's lovely, so yeah just being honest