Sunday, 6 January 2013

The Sales

I can raise my hands up and admit , yes , the January sales are my biggest weakness. I never tackle the boxing day sales because I know for a fact the January sales are much better. I do wish I could afford Chanel , Acne and Moschino but I still haven't hit the big time haha.

I did a mass clear out at the start of the Christmas holidays , getting rid of unwanted clothes , make-up and jewelry . It felt like a fresh start almost. I realised how many things I didn't need or even want (those Christmas presents from aunts who have no taste) 
After the big clear out , I decided to tackle the sales. Now here's some tips ladies , don't tackle every store on the same day. Give it a week , you have the whole of January after all. Don't be afraid to go into those stores you usually wouldn't. For example , I have never shopped at MONKI before , but I was dragged in and I found an amazing jumper that was £30 , on sale for £18. Don't be afraid of those long lines because when you're wearing that cardigan worth £30 which you got for £18 at the sales , the feeling of satisfaction is immense. One of my new years resolutions was to develop my style and some of the finds in the sales defiantly helped to do that. I found some amazing things in the sales however the Topshop sales disappointed me. :(
Haul anybody?
These are some make-up , hair and face things I purchased. Can I just say , I will never ever use any other concealer but MAC. I've been using it for a week now and it's amazing. I recommend all these items above. 

Any request post? Haul ? Lookbook ?
Iman x 

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