Saturday, 19 January 2013

Small HAUL

Firstly , i'd like to apologise for the quality of these images. My lens for my camera is broken (I'm devastated) so I'm having camera blues at the moment. My iPhone is my only mean of capturing pictures. ALSO Esther hasn't posted in a while because her computer/laptop isn't working (technology is against us) so apologies all round. 

I've been shopping A LOT lately. I'm taking a break from spending for a bit to save for university and a new lens ( I GOT A CONDITIONAL OFFER FROM UCA , YAY). Here's just 3 top tops that I picked up this week.

The checked shirt , is from Rokit. I brought two more , I love baggy checked shirts. The second top is a Topshop turtle neck crop top *ignores the weather*. Lastly , it's this sheer top which you've probably seen me wear in our Spring lookbook. The top/dress was Esther's , I spotted it in H&M on sale and I couldn't resist. Sorry , Esther!

I hope everyone is enjoying the snow (I'm not).
Iman x

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  1. You've got some lovely stuff! I especially love the last item x