Monday, 1 October 2012

Iman: Photography

Hello beautiful people. These are some shots I took last Friday for my Photography work , I study Photography in sixth form. I've never really taken my work for something 'special' , if anything , I'm average but I've decided to embrace this talent because not everyone can do it. The theme for the shoot was 'Narrative' , I wanted to create a series of images that tell a story , after all doesn't every picture tell have a story behind  it? I hope you've all had an amazing weekend and have a great week ahead of you. Leave comments on what you'd like for me and Esther to post , we've got a few ideas but requests would be lovely. 


  1. i loveee the styling of the first outfit! you really could link the pics the tell a story :) x lovely blog btw, following x

  2. thank you so much Ronan. I love your blog too xxx