Saturday, 22 September 2012

Recent Purchases

Hey guys these are some items l bought recently. As you know most of us have gone back to school and college so l wanted to purchase some new items to update my wardrobe and style. The weathers changing to autumn, and l needed to get some stuff to keep me much warm, comfy, and would be good to layer with other clothes l have.

Anyways l've been wanting Jeffery Campbell heel-less wedges for ages, but the real ones are so expensive so l just had to substitute for those ones. They only cost 45 pounds which is much more cheaper than the real ones, so l'm happy l got these ones instead.

I love leggings and l prefer them over jeans to be honest, but very girl needs some jeans in her wardrobe so purchased these ones from h&m, which are so soft, comfy and an afford price, so l just had to get them.  I saw these lovely light blue acid wash jeans from h&m but they didn't have my size. So l'm on a hunt to go to, every h&m l know until l finally get them.

I've been needing to stock up on jumpers,seeing as the English weathers isn't going to be getting any warm anytime soon, so l purchased some new jumpers, and that black fur leather jacket, from topshop which is quite big and comfy. I wasn't sure whether to get the jacket or not because l don't like looking so extravagant and too glamorous, its not really my style, but l'm trying not to stick too one pacific look, and just try to be more experimental with my personal style.

But overall l'm happy with the items l bought, and still have some more shopping to do. l will post what l bought on my next recent purchases haul post.

Thanks for reading, Esther xx

Jacket: Topshop, Bag: Zara, Shorts: Forever 21, Shoes: Topshop, Hat: H&M
Vest Shirt: H&M, Grey Jumper: Forever 21, Burgundy Jumper: Topshop, Sleeve-less Jumper: Charity shop, High-low Shirt: H&M
Black Leggings: Topshop, Burgundy leggings: Topshop, Blue jeans: H&M, Dark blue jeans: H&M
Wedges: Parmars, Converses: Office, Boots:H&M


  1. I also prefer leggings to jeans, they are so much comfier and easier to style than a pair of jeans. Lovely post btw x

    1. I totally agree with reasons for why you prefer leggings over jeans, same reason for me. Thank you, Esther.Xxx

  2. Oh and i have nominated you for a Liebster Award,I havent put the post up on my blog yet but if you could email me at: i can let you know the questions and some other things. Hope this is ok, thanks xx

    1. Omg!!! yes definietly l don't mind. I will email you later today. Thanks, Esther. Xxx

  3. Lovely! xo