Monday, 30 July 2012

July Favourites

Hello beautiful people, how are you? I'm sorry it's been a while but we're back and will be posting regularly again. To start off our series or regular posts I'm doing my monthly favourites.

First items on my monthly favourites are my MUA blue eyeliner and my Rimmel eyebrow pencil. After seeing Patricia from britpopprincess sporting this blue eyeliner , I was in love with it. I did have my doubts however , I wasn't sure if it'd look as good on me as it does on her and if I could find eyeshadow shades to match the blue. But eventually I brought it and ever since then I can't stop reaching for it!

Rimmel Eyebrow Pencil 001 Black/Brown 

I'd been looking for an eyebrow pencil for ages but I couldn't find on which wasn't too dark or too light until a friend of mine suggested this eyebrow pencil. I've been using it religiously since I've brought it . It's defiantly a must have if you have dark eyebrows I think.

Lipsticks. I only ever use sleek lipsticks because I'm just in love with their colours and also too broke to afford MAC lipsticks haha.

This lipstick is jhhgbgvhgasv. It ridiculously looks amazing on my lips , I need to restrain myself from using it everyday. It stays on the whole day and matches my complexion.

I purchased this a few days ago and I hated it at first because I looked slightly Gothic with it on because of how dark it was. However after getting compliments from several people and blending this lipstick with other colours, I'm falling in love with it. 

3 for £6 in Superdrug and I just couldn't resist . I'm currently wearing 700 Block Green:


Best till last , my Forever 21 leather jacket. Yes, I had the Topshop leather jacket on my wish list but poverty became real and I couldn't afford it . So instead during a shopping trip with Esther I brought this for the get price of £26.95 . Wooo 

Iman x

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  1. Awesome purchases! Your nails are amazing, love the colour and I need to get some of sleek products. I've heard good news about them x