Saturday, 9 June 2012


Iman and Esther 

'Style is a way of saying who you are without having to speak' - Rachel Zoe
Iman Leila , a 17 year old  A level student living in London. Currently studying Photography, English , French and History. A self proclaimed fashion fanatic and future journalist. I love to indulge myself in reading blogs and obsessively going through tumblr. Another one of my obsessions is writing, I have a very active imagination with matches perfectly with my ‘dramatic’ personality. This is only a brief summary of me. I could go on all day about my life but you’ll just have to keep reading our blog to find out more!

Esther, and l'm a 17 year old student from London. I've been wanting to do a fashion blog for ages, and now that l've finally started one with Iman, l cant wait for everyone to see how much l'm into fashion. I'm literally obsessed with fashion, and its something l'm really passionate about, so hopefully this comes across through our post. I hope to become a fashion stylist, and will be blogging stuff to do with fashion, e.g. OOTD, to stuff l've done during the week, some fashion tips advice, new season trends, basically anything to do with fashion. Thanks for checking out our blog. xx


  1. Hey girls!! Lovely introduction, already know this blog is going to be amazing! can't wait to see more! You two are killing in those Litas and creepers! xx

  2. Hey lovely. Thank you, hopefully it does. Yeah we're gonna try and blog as much as we can, thats why we did it together so its quite busy. Really appreciate it. Esther xx :)

  3. Such a nice introduction and well photographed pictures ,I'am excited to read your upcoming post :)